Solving problems for tranport managers

There are many challenges facing transport managers today.

We offer solutions.


GotYou GPS

Industry Leading Tracking Platform


Accurate Realtime Tracking 

Easy Geo-zone Management


Our systems are engineered for years of trouble free service with 99.9% uptime.


If you have one vehicle or a fleet of thousands, effortlessly scale with us to grow with your business.

Cost Effective

One of our fundamental values is to offer value to our customers that is greater than the cost paid.

FleetView Business

Live Real-time Tracking

CAN Data

Geo Zone Control

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Onboard Video Telematics

Powerfull Custom Reporting

All imported units are registered with ICASA.

GotYou Telematics is a certified VESA member.

Technical training and support for Teltonika unit scripting.

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