TRAK Smart Fuel Cap

Protects your business against the risk of fuel theft.

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Logistics fleet managers and heavy commercial vehicle owners can access instant information about when and where the fuel cap is opened and closed.

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The new solution with warning LED indication

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GotYou TRAK Smart Fuel Cap is an advanced IoT based replacement Fuel Tank Cap. It has integrated Bluetooth functionality.

When the cap is opened or closed a warning signal is sent. When someone tampers with the Cap a tamper warning signal is sent. If the Cap is connected to a tracking device the signal is sent to the clients server. This can be for immediate action or for historic record.


Standalone system – The Cap communicates via Bluetooth to the Trak Receiver. The track Receiver is connected via wire to a siren or the vehicle’s horn. The driver is warned if someone tampers with the Fuel Cap.

Teltonika integrated system – The Cap communicates via Bluetooth to a Teltonika Tracking device fitted in the vehicle.

3rd Party Tracking Device – The Cap communicates via Bluetooth to the Trak Receiver. The Trak Receiver is connected to a digital input on a 3rd party tracking device fitted to the vehicle.

GotYou Trak Smart Fuel Cap with Rotation Alerts

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Trak Smart Fuel Cap works without any problems with all metal fuel safety devices mounted on the tank filler neck.

Trak Smart Fuel Cap works without any problems with all metal fuel safety devices mounted on the tank filler neck.

Trak Fuel Security System is not a vehicle tracking device and has no gps tracking feature alone. However, the system is designed to be integrated with vehicle tracking devices.

You can use the Trak Fuel Security System in your vehicle with two fuel tanks. Thanks to the Trak Smart Fuel Cap, which is mounted on both tanks, you can instantly access the cap open/close information.

You do not need to use two separate receivers for this application. One Trak Receiver can work with two Trak Smart Fuel Caps.

You can remotely monitor where and when the Trak Smart Fuel Cap is opened and how long it stayed open by vehicle tracking system integration.

You can connect with special outputs for external siren or vehicle’s horn on Trak Receiver. The Digital Outputs provided by the Trak Receiver can be connected to the siren/horn Digital Inputs. Digital outputs 4 (Brown) and 8 (Blue) on Trak Receiver are specialized for siren/horn.


You can disable the security alarm for a certain period of time before opening the fuel cap. You can easily do this with the help of the physical button, which is sold as an accessory. Even if the alarm is silenced, information about where and whern the Trak Smart Fuel Cap was opened and how long it remained open is still transmitted to the system administrator via the vehicle tracking system.

You can use Trak Smart Fuel Cap without vehicle tracking system. By pairing it with the external Trak Siren, available as an accessory, you can trigger an alarm when the cap is opened without permission. You can also use the alarm feature by triggering your vehicle’s horn.

It is however recommended to pair it with A Teltonika Tracking device.

It is compatible with all heavy commercial vehicles sold in Europe except Scania. Trak Smart Fuel Cap and Scania heavy commercial vehicles are not compatible because Scania tank filler design and dimensions are different.


No it is not compatible . Trak Fuel Safety System is currently only compatible with heavy commercial vehicles.

The Trak Smart Tank Cap comes with a built-in battery. This battery is non-replaceable and non-rechargeable. The battery life is minimum 5 years .

Trak Smart Fuel Cap can be used with the RFID vehicle identification system. The two systems work completely independently of each other and do not affect each other’s operation.

No, the system does not measure fuel level.

The cover is extremely durable as it is made of engineering polymer material. It can be used for many years thanks to its material suitable for contact with fuel.

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