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GotYou Telematics is a specialist vehicle tracking and telematics business.

We are a major distributor of Teltonika, a leading European GPS tracking device vendor.

We develop and deploy SMART IoT technologies that help to manage and secure people, vehicles and assets.


GotYou Trak Smart Fuel Cap

TRAK Smart Fuel Cap protects your business against the risk of fuel theft. Logistics fleet managers and heavy commercial vehicle owners can access instant information about when and where the fuel cap is opened and closed.

Designed to monitor tampering and diesel theft

Fits on Ø105mm standard fuel tank neck. It is compatible with all heavy European commercial trucks except Scania.

Compatible with Teltonika tracking devices.

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Transport Fleet Manager

You manage a fleet of vehicles or other mobile assets. Visibility and reliability of fleet data is important to you.

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Tracking Service Provider

You are a current or prospective Tracking Service Provider looking for  state of the art hardware that works for you.

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The Wialon product line is the ultimate solution for intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management.

Companies  from all over the world choose Wialon since it utilizes a powerful set of technologies to keep customers aware  of vehicle activity, technical condition, status and geographical location.

More than 3 500 000 vehicles and assets are currently registered on Wialon.

Live Monitoring

Intelligent GPS tracking and fleet Management.


Quick access to relevant trip data via event marker tooltips and track player application.


Create Custom Geo-Fences for Precise Location Services

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Our systems are engineered for years of trouble free service with 99.9% uptime.


If you have one vehicle or a fleet of thousands, effortlessly scale with us to grow with your business.

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You will never just be a number. Experience the GotYou personal customer relationship.

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